Growing up, my sister and I had almost the same taste in music. Choices were limited. We had the radio, which we never really used for FM because our grandmother and the help rather liked their noontime radio soaps. We had cassette tapes of Disney movies soundtracks, which we would play over and over until we memorized the lyrics and could sing along without the lyrics sheet.

And then we began requesting tapes as presents. I think one birthday or Christmas, my parents bought me the Backstreet Boys Millennium album cassette, and I was ecstatic. My sister got other ones like Blue (what happened to them) and N*SYNC (I think she had the No Strings Attached album). I, of course, had all of the Backstreet Boys albums because duh! Together, we had Spice Girls, Britney Spears’ Ooops…I Did It Again! and Christina Aguilera’s self-titled album. I mentioned our history with Christina’s album in a recent Instagram photo.

BSB and Spice Girls in one picture...I would've blown my brains out. I was convinced Nick Carter was dating either Posh or Baby.
BSB and Spice Girls in one picture…I would’ve blown my brains out. I was convinced Nick Carter was dating either Posh or Baby.

I loved the Spice Girls the best. My favorite was Posh Spice, or as we now know her, Victoria Beckham. Although back then she was Victoria Adams. I was quite proud of myself for knowing her last name, because everyone in school only knew them by their Spice names. My sister liked Baby Spice, although with the scarcity of Emma Bunton these days, my child self is rejoicing at my superior choice. Hah!

I also had the biggest crush on Nick Carter, but as all young girls were back then, that crush was to remain a secret. A SECRET! No one was supposed to know because having crushes at eight years old is embarrassing! I had to bribe one of my classmates to purchase a wallet-sized photo of Nick Carter after school for me. It cost a fortune, but I didn’t care because Nick Carter.

I had flings with other girl bands (Solid Harmonie and B*Witched, for example–both sadly defunct) and boy bands (Westlife!)

Then I transitioned to CDs when my sister and I took a summer vacation to Cagayan de Oro in 2003. Our cousin, Queenie, took us to go look at CDs, and that’s when I purchased A1’s Make It Good album and some other bootlegged mixtape CD kinda thing.

It wasn’t long before I learned how to burn my own CDs, and my sister and I finally branched off to independently test our own musical tastes.

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