Have you ever looked at an old photograph and be overcome with all the emotions you felt when it was taken? One look at it and you remember the rush, the sounds, the smells, everything at that moment as it was captured on camera? And it makes you close your eyes, because you cannot bear the fact it was the single most beautiful second ever captured.

Of all the photos he and I took together, this is my favorite. This was when we just started seeing each other, but not dating yet.

These days, kisses are hard to come by. When I jokingly kiss his cheeks, he would make a face and say “Eeeeewww!” Like a little boy would when his mom gives him a goodbye kiss in front of his friends at school.

He rarely kisses me without prompting or groveling (on my part). When he does, it’s usually because he knows he has pissed me off and is trying to stop me from walking away or throwing a tantrum.

I miss his honeymoon phase kisses.


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