I didn’t use to be so pudgy.


I have always been a tiny person. I had a small waist, a few crunches shy of showing abs, and no flab. Weight gain has never been a problem because my body did not seem to know how that was done.

I did kenpo for a year, and although I wasn’t very serious about it, it was the only workout I needed. Running and cardio would kill me, and I have no upper body strength at all–I was not in good shape, but I was shaped good. If you get what I mean.

And then I met Dru.


I always start with that. I don’t blame him. But a lot has changed since him.

He cooks constantly. He insists I eat. Cha, one the guys I “dated”, fed me all the time. He took me to Denny’s, Applebees, and Hoa Viet whenever he had the chance. But it’s different with Dru. He gets cranky when he doesn’t eat, and when he eats, so do I.

I quit kenpo when I started falling out with Nick, one the other guys. I wasn’t working out anymore and I had let myself go.

I don’t feel confident wearing my body-hugging v-necks anymore. My future maid of honor noticed my love handles at work and he just had to comment on it. He wasn’t lying.

I’m still a tiny person, just not as tiny anymore. I think I’ll take that…and Dru’s homemade turkey burgers.


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